Why Do Air Mattresses Feel Cold?

Why Do Air Mattresses Feel Cold? – [Complete Information]

The intriguing phenomenon of waking up shivering on an air mattress, even on a relatively warm night, has left many puzzled. The simple and direct answer is that air mattresses feel cold because they do not retain heat the way traditional mattresses do. But, let’s delve deeper and find out why this happens.

Understanding the Science:

Air mattresses are primarily filled with air, which is a poor conductor of heat. When you lie on it, your body warms the immediate surface, but this warmth doesn’t spread evenly. The cool air inside the mattress draws away your body heat, making you feel colder than you would on a foam or spring mattress.

Are Air Mattresses Cool?

Are Air Mattresses Cool?

Yes, air mattresses tend to remain cool because they don’t have insulating materials to retain heat. While this might seem like a disadvantage during colder nights, it can be a blessing during summer months when you crave a cooler sleeping surface.

How to Keep an Air Mattress Warm?

While air mattresses naturally feel colder, we can employ several methods to counteract this:

Use Insulated Sleeping Pads:

These pads can be placed on top of your air mattress. They are designed to reflect your body heat back to you, providing an extra layer of warmth.

Blankets and Sheets:

Layering your air mattress with sheets or blankets before lying on it can make a huge difference. These layers will act as barriers, preventing your body heat from being sapped away.

Sleeping Bag:

A good-quality sleeping bag can also help in retaining heat.

Can You Heat an Air Mattress?

It’s essential to approach the idea of heating an air mattress with caution. You shouldn’t place direct heating devices like electric blankets or heating pads directly on the mattress as it might damage the plastic or even cause it to melt. Instead, place a sheet or blanket between the heating device and the mattress to ensure safety.

Can You Heat an Air Mattress?

How do I stop cold air from coming through my air mattress?

Cold air draft can be another culprit making your sleep chilly. To prevent this:

Elevate the Mattress:

Elevating your mattress from the ground using a bed frame or platform can reduce the cold transfer from the floor.

Use Carpets or Rugs:

If you’re camping, place a tarp or rug beneath the air mattress. At home, a thick rug can help in isolating the mattress from a cold floor.

What blankets keep air mattresses warm?

Wool or down-filled blankets are fantastic choices. They are natural insulators, helping trap warmth. Synthetic fleece blankets can also be effective. Remember, layering multiple blankets can maximize warmth.

What blankets keep air mattresses warm?

Does cold air affect air mattresses?

Indeed, cold air can affect the air inside the mattress. Colder temperatures can cause the air to contract, making the mattress feel less inflated. It’s a good practice to check and adjust the inflation level if you’re using the mattress in a cold environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my air mattress deflate faster in cold weather?

Cold air contracts, which means the volume of air inside your mattress decreases, making it feel like it’s deflating.

Is it safe to use a space heater near an air mattress?

Always maintain a safe distance. Ensure the heater is not directly blowing on the mattress to prevent damage or potential fire hazards.

space heater near an air mattress

Do air mattress toppers help retain heat?

Yes, toppers can add an insulating layer, helping keep you warmer.


Understanding the dynamics of why air mattresses feel cold can empower you to make the necessary adjustments, ensuring a snug sleep. With the right measures, you can make your air mattress as cozy as any traditional one.

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